Welcome to our very special World of Rugs. Considering you need a rug you won’t tire of being around daily. “But truly Love.” Below is a little history about our company and how it got started.

19th-Century Beginnings

Our history began 100 years ago, when the grandparents of Richard Kirishian began manufacturing hand knotted wool Oriental rugs in Sivas Armenia for export to America and Europe. At the turn of the century, Armenia was a troubled place. Civil wars and starvation drove thousands of Armenians to find new homes in other countries. The grandparents sold all their belongings, including centuries old treasured rugs made by their ancestors, to pay for passage to the United States where they started over and continued to make rugs in the traditional styles.

19th-Century Beginnings

In 1918, my Grandfather Sarkis and his brothers, Dikon and Hosvop, opened our family’s first retail rug store. The popularity of hardwood floors in the first half of the 20th century created a huge demand for quality rugs. My family couldn’t make them fast enough. We needed new suppliers. My Grandfather and his brothers began traveling the world looking for high quality hand made rugs to sell in their newly adopted country.

I grew up in the business trained by my father and grandfather, uncles, and other in-laws in all aspects of the Oriental rug business. I’ve dyed, knotted, and woven quite a few rugs myself. I’ve been a rug importer for over 20 years. Every few years I travel back to Turkey and Armenia and spend a few weeks visiting local rug makers and dealers and surveying local quality and craftsmanship. Just as my father and his father before him, I have always been committed to offering my customers the very finest rugs for their money.

New Century – Offering Services Via Internet

Over the years, as customers and friends moved away, our store began to get referrals and new customers from far away cities like Boston, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Houston. Many of these new customers were rug owners looking for help in restoring valuable rugs damaged by their local commercial cleaners. They wanted a knowledgeable rug merchant they could trust and our old customers told them about us. As our rug restoration and cleaning business grew, I heard growing numbers of horror stories surrounding damaged and destroyed rugs.

Our biggest hurdle was how to get the word out about our rug restoration services. The dawning of the Internet offered us a way to cost effectively and efficiently process rug cleaning and restoration orders around the world. As our global cleaning business has grown, I’ve continually reinvested and upgraded equipment to offer one of the most state of the art professional rug cleaning operations in the industry.

Trust us with your fine rugs. Your rug(s) will be returned to you thoroughly cleaned and beautifully restored. Your rugs’ patterns and colors will be just as vivid as when you unrolled your rug for the first time. You have my word on it.

“We care for your rugs as if they were our own”

Richard Kirishian