Why Buy a quality Rug?

For some people, rugs are a simple way to add comfort to a room or protect hardwood flooring. For others, rugs are a design anchor seen as artwork that amplifies the aesthetic of a room. Either way, some people ask themselves why they should spend much money on something that gets walked on. Simply put, wherever a quality rug is placed, it seamlessly transforms a room. Rugs can have an amazing impact on a space, no matter the size. From a visual and tactile standpoint, they add an irreplaceable appeal to the experience.

Choosing the right rug sounds easy, right? Not so fast. Buying a good rug is much like buying a good piece of furniture for your living room or arguably even as important as the home in which it will be displayed. Knowing what to look for in a rug and the company from which you are buying it benefits from some research. After all, the rug is something that will be seen every day. It should be stylish, the right color, the right size, and durable enough to withstand soles and spills.

Sure, you could find a rug on amazon or at the local Target and pay considerably less than if you purchased a quality masterpiece with a price ranging hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because of that you may wonder what makes spending more and purchasing a premium rug worth it.  You might be surprised just how many factors are involved including size, material excellence, and production of a good rug.

Features of an Excellent Rug

Buying a good rug is an investment for a reason. The time it takes to create a complex design and produce an incredible rug might astonish you. A quality rug could take months or even several years to produce. The detailed process needed to develop a uniquely beautiful and intricate design is not something that is done quickly. In fact, the ancient art of oriental rug creation is a dying art. This disappearing craft is practiced by only a few companies these days. Keeping alive the practice of producing high-end rugs is what makes our job at Kirishian Imported Rug Co. so special. Alternatively, less expensive rugs are machine made and produced in mass quantities, resulting in a cheap and less attractive rug.

Materials are another element of the quality of the rug. Low quality rugs are made of wool or synthetics like polyester or natural fibers known as jute. Expensive rugs are typically made from silk and high-quality wool. The problem with cheap rugs is that they simply do not last. They are susceptible to stains, fading, pilling, and even ripping. A cheap rug may last a couple of years and then be discarded. Unfortunately, inexpensive rugs are often priced that way because they are not produced in an ethical fashion.

Every Rug Tells a Story

When you think about your home, you probably find it as a place of comfort and tranquility. It may be a place filled with love from family and friends. Similarly, your rug tells a story, too. It is a visual display of your taste, style, and personality. Choosing the right one is important. Because we have been doing it for over 100 years, we are experts in helping people find exactly what they are looking for at the right price. Let us help you find a rug you love. Contact us today!

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