Where to Place Your Hand Knotted Area Rugs

Hand knotted area rugs come in many sizes, shapes and textures making them versatile for a variety of in-home uses. Shapes vary from rectangular, round, oval, and square, to long rectangle hall runners. Some of the most common fibers are wool, silk, and a variety of synthetic fibers. Styles consist of pile rugs, flatweaves which can be reversible, rugs with fringes, without fringes, rugs with borders, and those without borders. The best thing about rugs is they are so versatile and can help you show your own personality through your home decor.

Since we have been in business for over 100 years, we thought we would share how we have seen some of our imported area rugs used. Here are a few examples of how we have seen our hand knotted area rugs used throughout our customers’ homes.

Common Places Our Customers Use Their Area Rugs

Since most people think of rugs as floor covering, the larger rugs are commonly laid in homes’ main areas; ie, the main living room and dining rooms, family rooms, etc. These would be areas that see a lot of traffic and maybe even a vocal point in the owners home. Our One-of-a-kind area rugs are great examples of area rugs used for a statement piece.

Rugs however have other uses throughout your home. Some of them being hallways, entrances, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This is why our imported area rugs come in a variety of sizes, and our room of rugs has collections so you can implement the same color/style theme throughout your whole house. We have seen quite a few customers purchase multiple sized rugs to use in different spaces in their home.

Indoor/Outdoor area rugs have been seen on customers porches, decks, and around swimming pools. These area rugs help add a touch of style and also serve a purpose to establish an outdoor “living” space. Outdoor rugs are durable, yet come in a variety of fun styles and colors.

Small rugs such as 2×3 are used in front of sinks, in bathrooms, on the sides of beds and in between large rugs to serve as transitional pieces. What is a transitional piece (not to be confused with the transitional style)? It helps you go from one room’s decor to another in an eye pleasing way. This is when our room of rugs comes in handy, so you have one style/color scheme throughout your home.

Other Way to Use Your Area Rugs

Sometimes our imported area rugs have been used for other things besides in customers homes. We have seen some of our smaller area rugs used as car mats, these would be sizes 1.5 x 2.0. What a great way to customize your vehicle.

There is however the art (antiques) or textile purposes where rugs are used as wall hangings, tabletops, draped over banisters or railings. Other creative uses are imported area rug headboards and rugs turned into pillows. These hand knotted rugs are truly a piece of art, some of them created with hand dyed wool and spun into beautiful images.

As you can see, handmade rugs can be used in so many different ways it is almost unbelievable, use your imagination next time you are looking for a new area rug for your home and come visit our showroom to find the perfect size, style, and texture for you.

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