Using Your New Area Rug as Artwork

An area rug is so much more than a soft carpet under your feet. It naturally adds dimension and texture to any room and can easily be considered artwork. The bold or bright colors, intricate design, and various sizes are all part of the unique features of quality area rugs. If you are considering the purchase of a new area rug for your home or office, keep reading to learn more about how it can be considered a work of art.

The Multifunctioning Area Rug

Anyone who has ever purchased an area rug has most likely considered the colors and design of it to ensure it is a good fit – both logistically and aesthetically – for a room. While a rug helps to keep feet warm and adds softness to a room, it holds a purpose that can do so much more. Whether layered over another carpet or rug or placed over hardwood, vinyl, or tile, an area rug artistically adds warmth and sophistication.

Size is Important

Going too big or too small is often a mistake people make when considering an area rug as artwork. While a small rug is easier to maintain, it may not fully serve the function of both comfort and art. If a rug is too small, it can appear misplaced or worse – go unnoticed! When an area rug is too big, furniture, beds, desks, and sofas may cover it to the point it becomes nearly invisible. A larger rug can get lost fulfilling a purpose, which means the pattern and art will be missed. You can avoid this blunder by considering your furniture arrangement and where each fixture is placed on the rug. Be sure that the furniture does not hide the pattern and the colors complement each other. If a rug is too small, think about hanging it on the wall. Displaying your area rug as a wall hanging can transform a room with a pop of color and add an interesting pattern on an otherwise blank wall.

Choose Colors and Patterns Wisely

The beautiful colors and intricate patterns of premium area rugs can be very intriguing. In fact, some may buy an area rug for its beauty without knowing where they will put it only to have it remain rolled up until a decision has been made. Instead, choose the color and patterns of your area rug so it seamlessly accompanies the design of the room. Area rugs are artwork on the floor, so they don’t need to match exactly. Simply infuse them into the interior design with a bit of playfulness. Check out Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and ideas about size, patterns, colors, and location. This is particularly a good idea if you decide to hang the area rug on the wall. You may choose to frame it, add a backing, or simply clip it up. There are plenty of ideas to inspire your own creativity!

Maintain Your Rug

Unlike a painting or sculpture, you will need to maintain your area rug on a regular basis. If it is on the floor – especially in a high traffic area – you will need to vacuum and spot clean at least once a week. If it is on the wall and displayed as artwork, you may be able to reduce cleanings to once every other year. Most area rugs should be deep cleaned at least once a year to maintain the beauty and integrity of the artwork. 

If you have any questions about how to choose an area rug as artwork or questions about maintaining your gorgeous artwork, contact us. Our experts are happy to help!

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