Choosing a Rug Style: Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, or Tribal

Choosing a Rug Style: Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, or Tribal

Picking out the decorations for your home is an exciting task but with so many choices to be made, it can become incredibly overwhelming. If you’re trying to determine the ideal area rug for your space, you’ve probably come across rugs in a variety of styles including contemporary, traditional, transitional, and tribal. But what exactly are the differences between these different types of area rugs? And how do you decide which is the best choice for your home? Kirishian Imported Rug Co. is here to walk you through each of these options so you can feel confident selecting an area rug that matches your overall style, decor, and furniture for a seamless appearance.

Contemporary Area Rugs

If you’re going for a bold and vibrant color palette, then a contemporary area rug may be exactly what you’re looking for. Contemporary rugs often feature bold and vibrant colors with geometric, abstract, or asymmetrical patterns that often sway Western in their designs. However, not all contemporary rugs are bold, and you will also find a few that boast a softer pattern and color palette, allowing them to seamlessly blend into nearly any space. Because of their unusual design elements and use of color, contemporary rugs are often used to complement homes with a modern design aesthetic.

Traditional Area Rugs

For a more classic appearance, you may want to consider a traditional area rug. Featuring intricate designs that pull from traditional Oriental or Persian patterns with colors ranging from black, red, maroon, and brown to white, green, and blue, these area rugs are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The ornate designs often include design elements such as intricate patterns, florals, medallions, or a border, adding a touch of subtle elegance to any room.

Transitional Area Rugs

When looking for a more casual area rug that combines elements of both contemporary and traditional, you’ll want to give transitional area rugs a look. Transitional rugs were adapted from the intricate patterns of traditional designs, but have a modern twist on the color palette or pattern to create a more casual and comfortable piece. Because transitional rugs are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, they are cohesive with a variety of home styles and decor.

Tribal Area Rugs

Last but certainly not least, we have tribal area rugs which help connect your space to various cultures around the globe. Boasting tribal style patterns and designs that touch on themes of nature, these hand-knotted rugs offer a remarkable beauty that is unmatched. Similar to contemporary area rugs, tribal rugs often utilize bold geometric patterns paired with a vibrant color palette that demonstrates beauty in its simplest forms. They’re perfect to incorporate in a home that is looking for a bold focal point.

For help deciding which style area rug is best suited for your home, contact Kirishian Imported Rug Co. We can walk you through our wide selection of traditional, contemporary, transitional, and tribal area rugs so you can feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

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